Western Cape Wineries wine club ..... Each month I hold a wine tasting in Cape Town. I alternate between a blind tasting and winemaker’s wine tasting.  This wine club is ideal for beginner to intermediate wine drinkers. It is fun, interactive and a great way to try wine and meet new people.
Western Cape Wineries wine tours I organise wine tours in the Western Cape each month to work towards reaching my goal of visiting all 600 wineries over the next four years. Why not join me on this adventure?
Western Cape Wineries wine sales Each month I receive different wine specials from various wine estates in the Western Cape. If you would like to know about these specials you can email me on westerncapewineries@gmail.com. The online wine shop is to come...
Western Cape Wineries Marketing Services Looking for someone to represent your wine estate locally and overseas?  I speak Chinese and have lived in China for six years .... Contact me on westerncapewineries@gmail.com  for more information on my services.
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Western Cape Wineries is all about exploring the 600+ wineries in the Western Cape. I started off by visiting 23 wineries in the first three months of living in SA. I have now visited over 150 wineries in the past two and a half years. With a foreigner’s perspective I started a wine blog in 2010 http://westerncapewineries.blogspot.com. I then decided to start holding wine club evenings in 2011 to share with others new wine and wine tasting experiences. Following from this I started this website in 2013 to advertise the services I offer. These include my wine club, wine shop, wine tours and wine marketing. If you would like to know more please look around this website or contact me on westerncapewineries@gmail.com